Please note that we are experiencing a higher frequency of loss for USPS Priority Mail Express packages destined for New York zip codes 10036 and 10017. Please use FedEx or UPS into NYC for the time being.

Benefits for Your Business

  • Convenience

    Shop for the most effective carrier, service type, and packaging using dashboards that simplify your buying decision and save you time and money.
  • Cost Savings

    Get discounted rates from all major carriers and maximize your savings using the power of choice.
  • Loss Prevention

    Ensure successful deliveries by using sophisticated tracking software, as well as guided packaging and service-type options.

Features For Everyone

  • Set preferences for common packaging materials, destination addresses, and carriers
  • Queue and manage upcoming shipments
  • Generate labels and buy insurance in batches
  • Send, receive, and insure shipments worldwide
  • Manage all aspects of return shipments
  • Track packages from multiple carriers
  • Integrate with existing business systems

Features for Jewelers Mutual policyholders

  • Receive deeper discounts on shipping and insurance costs
  • Waive the requirement to declare value to the USPS on Registered Mail™
  • Sync jewelers block coverage with the platform