Benefits for Your Business

  • Convenience

    Shop for the most effective carrier, service type, and packaging using dashboards that simplify your buying decision and save you time and money.
  • Cost Savings

    Get discounted rates from all major carriers and maximize your savings using the power of choice.
  • Loss Prevention

    Ensure successful deliveries by using sophisticated tracking software, as well as guided packaging and service-type options.


  • Insure your block deductible and buy excess coverage when needed directly from the platform.
  • Track packages from multiple carriers from a single dashboard and get alerted when something is off schedule.
  • Recognize carrier-specific accessorial charges upfront using smart technology.
  • Set preferences for common packaging materials, destination addresses, and carriers.
  • Queue and manage upcoming shipments.
  • Manage all aspects of return shipments including transit times, carriers, and costs using a customizable reverse logistics tool.
  • Order free security packaging for high-value shipments.
  • Waive the requirement to declare value to the
  • USPS on Registered Mailâ„¢.
  • File a claim with pre-loaded package details from your shipment history.
  • Send, receive, and insure shipments worldwide.
  • Integrate with existing business systems and connect with other shipping software and e-commerce platforms.
  • Schedule carrier pickups at your business.
  • Save even more time by generating labels and buying insurance in batches.